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References and history

We warmly thank our clients, their suggestions, ideas, requirements and our ability to create have provided us with a 28 year existence and a clear future perspective.
Here is a brief overview of some sectoral references

Reference categories

Health, industry, education, public administration



Education, science and research

Public administration


Timeline - 28 years

2015 - Start - sales of open-code applications

Company Research Institute Joints, n.o.
Biometric Time and Attendance System - WebBox/WebVisitor

2010 - Start - research and development of open-code applications

Historical company milestone, transition to open-code technology

2007 - Nuclear Power plant Dukovany

Solution: Biometric authentication of employees

2007 - The first biometric Time and Attendance system installed in Hungary

Glassworks R-GLASS, Salgotarian, hand geometry evidence of employee Time and Attendance

2006 - Biometric Time and Attendance System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Company SHP Celex, a.d., Banja Luka (included: SHP Harmanec) uses hand geometry to register arrivals, departures, and breaks (time off)

October 1996 - implementation of the first biometric Time and Attendance system in Slovakia

SW: Visitor (MS DOS, APIS, Slovensko)
HW: HandKey (hand geomatry; Recognition Systems, USA)

1991 - Company formation

03.09.1991 - APIS Ltd. had been registered into the Commercial Register